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2018-2019 JLS Montana Angus Sale Schedule d
8 Ox Bow Ranch Wolf Creek MT
9 Coleman Angus Ranch Charlo MT
20 Stars of Montana Billings MT
23 Strang Hereford and Angus Meeker CO
8 Diamond D Angus Valier MT
15 Montana Ranch Columbus MT
16 Green Mountain Angus Ranch Ryegate MT
24 Vermilion Ranch Billings MT
26 Stevenson's Diamond Dot Hobson MT
27 Stevenson Angus Ranch Hobson MT
1 Pyramid Beef Spearfish SD
6 Sitz Angus Ranch Harrison MT
7 Harmon Angus Ranch Lavina MT
8 Spickler Ranch North Grace City ND
4 Angus Partners Mandan ND
5 North Dakota Angus Association Mandan ND
7 Diamond Ring Billings MT
25 Ellingson Simmental Dahlen ND
26 21 Angus Ranch New England ND
1 Baumgartner Herefords Belfield ND
2 Prickly Pear Simmental Helena MT
5 Twedt & Ressler McHenry ND
6 Beggar's Diamond V Wibaux MT
7 Idland Cattle Company Glendive MT
8 Topp Herefords Grace City ND
9 Kenner Simmental Leeds ND
11 Felton Angus Ranch Big Timber MT
12 Forrestor Red Angus Richardton ND
13 Miske Ranch Angus Glendive MT
14 Lassle Ranch Simmental Glendive MT
18 Tokach Angus Ranch Mandan ND
19 Gill Red Angus Timber Lake SD
20 Hilltop Angus Bowdle SD
22 Hyline Angus Ranch Ramsey MT
23 Neel's & Never Sweat Angus Missoula MT
24 Connelly Angus Ranch Valier MT
27 Gibbs & Stortz Glendive MT
28 VanDyke Angus Ranch Manhattan MT
1 Reminisce Angus Ranch Dillon MT
5 Apex Angus Ranch Valier MT
6 Ox Bow Ranch Wolf Creek MT
8 Rollin Rock Angus Ranch Pendleton OR
14 Wheeler Mountain Angus Whitehall MT
15 KCK Leadore Angus Ranch Leadore ID
16 Nelson Angus Ranch Salmon ID
19 Open Gate Simmental Augusta MT
20 Stevenson Angus Ranch Hobson MT
21 Carter Cattle Company Pingrey ID
22 Vermilion Ranch Billings MT
23 Sinclair Cattle Company Buffalo WY
25 Larsen Ranch Angus Forsyth MT
27 McCumber Angus Ranch Rolette ND
28 Gartner Denowh Angus Ranch Sidney MT
1 Gollaher Ranch Cascade MT
3 Nissen Angus Ranch Chinook MT
4 Arntzen Angus Ranch Hilger MT
5 Midland Bull Test Columbus MT
9 Becton Red Angus Sheridan WY
10 Bar JV Angus Fairview MT
11 Northern Angus Premier Chinook MT
15 Jorgenson Land & Cattle Winner SD
18 Arrow Brand Angus Devils Lake ND
20 Feirings Angus Ranch White Earth ND
22 Volmer Angus Ranch Wing ND
27 WR Bar Angus Ranch Pequat Lakes MN
1 Hoyt's Angus Ranch McHenry ND
6 Spickler Ranch South Grace City ND